Screenshot of the Radio Call

A prank call to a local radio station that unknowingly put Friday Night Cranks on the air. The youtube video was posted May 28th 2007.


Jared: (unintelligable) wants to know who they caught doing a background search on Google. Ready? I got this. I- I got a good one.

(Phone ringing)

Jared: I got this. Our local radio station just to call in and ask who they googled to find out information for. Then we will call the river, 'cause we're busy at the moment.

(Phone ringing)

Kristin: I'm on (unintelligable)

Woman on phone: (unintelligable)

Jared: Hey I just heard you guys wanna hear stories about who we googled?

Woman: Yeah! Who'd you google to find the dirt out on?

Jared: I googled my mom.

Woman: You did?

Jared: Yeah.

Woman: Get out of here!

Jared: I'm dead serious, and I found out that- I found like- like when MySpace first my mom had an account. She actually had one, and guess what it said under "occupation."

Woman: Don't tell me stripper.

Jared: Yes. That's exactly what it said.

Woman: Oh my goodness!

Jared: I swear, I swea-

Woman: You love your mom, right?

Jared: What?

Woman: You love your mom, right?

Jared: I love my mom, but that's kind of freaky.

Woman: That means you're in love with a stripper!

Jared: Yes, I am in love with a stripper (laughs)

Woman: (laughs) Thanks for calling.

Jared: (laughs) Thanks.

Woman: Bye.

(Video Transitions)

Radio: (repeating the call on air)

Kristen: Yes!

Radio: (repeats the rest of the call on air)

Jared: Hell yeah!

Kristen: Whooo!

Jared: Save that, save that, save, save save.