Screenshot from Who's My Bitch? Prank Call


Friday Night Cranks called a studio audience member's ex-boyfriend. The video was uploaded July 27th 2007.


(Phone ringing)

Jimmy: Hello?

Jared: Uh, this is Jimmy?

Jimmy: Yeah.

Jared: My name is Tyrone. I just heard some things poppin' around the hood. I heard you were messing around with my boy's girl, Lauren. Is this true or not? Because if it is there's going to be some problems, and I don't want no problems. So I need to tell you right now, you been messing around with my boy's girl? (unintelligable) my boy's girl. My best boy's girl, Lauren.

(Jimmy hangs up)

Jared: He hung up.

Girl off-screen: (laughs)

Jared: (laughs) I'm calling back, he hung up.

People off-screen: (unintelligable)

Jared: Shh, shh, shh.

(Phone ringing)

Jimmy: Hello?

Jared: I didn't say you could hang up. The only thing I said you could do was tell me your name.

Jimmy: What?

Jared: What? Are you going to tell me if you're messing around with Lauren or not?

Jimmy: We're just friends (unintelligable)

Jared: (Speaking over Jimmy) We're just friends? Okay, you're just friends? Nobody is just friends anymore, I play that game, I play that game with my ex-girlfriend and my other girlfriend, and I know how it is.You can't tell me that you're just friends with her.

Jimmy: (unintelligable)

Jared: (Speaking over Jimmy) I don't want you lying to her.

Jimmy: (unintelligable)

Jared: (Speaking over Jimmy) If you tell me that you're- if you tell me the truth right now we're going to keep the on the DL, but if you're gonna lie to me, and be hatin' on me, there's gonna be some problems right now. So do not lie, tell me yes right now you're messin' around with Lauren, yes or no, do not say la la la la, unless it's yes or no.

Jimmy: No.

Jared: Liar. You are a little liar. You scared? Are you scared to tell me the truth? Sounds like you're scared. Are you scared?

Jimmy: I- I don't even know who you are.

Jared: It doesn't matter who I am, what matters is who you are and who you be messin' around with, because the girl you be messin' round with is my boy's girl. Okay?